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Trachycarpus sp. nanital
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Trachycarpus sp. nanital

Family: Arecaceae    пальма

имя нарицательное: Nanital Kumaon palm

Научно Синонимия:
Trachycarpus takil

Холодная климатической зоне: 7b     Просмотр Великобритании и США зоны карты

Trachycarpus sp. nanital знания

A very robust and exceptionally cold-hardy Trachycarpus. This is most certainly the most massive and one of the fastest growing Trachycarpus species. The palm looses its old leaf bases to reveal a clean, straight trunk, a feature which is not seen in T. fortunei which many believe this palm to be a subspecies of.

Дополнительная информация:
These palms are planted in Nainital India in front of the boat club. For many years the seeds from these trees were distributed, mistakenly as the true form of T. takil which grows in the hills nearby.


Родом из, India

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