Aciphylla aurea Image
Aciphylla aurea

Aciphylla aurea

Family: Apiaceae   

имя нарицательное: Golden Speargrass

Холодная климатической зоне: 7a     Просмотр Великобритании и США зоны карты

Endemic to New Zealand and Australia. They generally grow as tall spikes surrounded by rosettes of stiff, sharp spikey yellowish-green leaves. A. aurea is found throughout the South Island of New Zealand, usually in mountainous areas but also lower altitude dry well drained grassland sites. It is found in altitudes from 300 to 1,500 m (980 to 4,920 ft), and tolerates hard freezes.

Дополнительная информация:
Requires cold stratification and germination can take over a year.


Родом из, New Zealand

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